I study Consumer Behavior, particularly in-store decision making and healthy eating. 

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Journal Publications

Suher, Jacob, Raj Raghunathan, and Wayne D. Hoyer (2016), "Eating Healthy of Feeling Empty? How The "Healthy = Less Filling" Intuition Influences Satiety." Forthcoming at the Journal of the Association for Consumer Research.

Hui, Sam K., Yanliu Huang, Jacob Suher, and J. Jeffrey Inman (2013), “Deconstructing the First Moment of Truth: Understanding Point-of-Purchase Drivers of Unplanned Consideration and Purchase,” Journal of Marketing Research, 50(4),445-462. (link)

           - Equal authorship

           - Selected for AMA publicity program

Hui, Sam K., J. Jeffrey Inman, Yanliu Huang, and Jacob Suher (2013), “The Effect of In-Store Travel Distance on Unplanned Spending: Applications to Mobile Promotion Strategies,” Journal of Marketing, 77(2), 1-16. (link)

     - Winner, MSI/H. Paul Root Award for significant contribution to the advancement of marketing practice 

           - Lead article, selected for AMA publicity program


Suher, Jacob and Herb Sorensen (2010), “The Power of Atlas: Why In-Store Shopping Behavior Matters,” Journal of Advertising Research, 50(1), 21-29. (link)

Manuscripts Under Review and in Preparation

Suher, Jacob and Wayne D. Hoyer, "Are All Unplanned Purchases the Same? The Differences and Dynamics of Consumers' Point-of-Purchase Motivations." Under first review at the Journal of Consumer Research.

Suher, Jacob and Wayne D. Hoyer, "An Alternative to Price Cuts: The Effect of Intrinsic Motivations on Unplanned Purchasing." Manuscript in preparation.

Suher, Jacob and J. Wesley Hutchinson, "The Multi-Tasking Shopper: A Task Structure Model of In-Store Decision Making Using Mobile Eye-Tracking." Manuscript in preparation.