"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together." - African proverb

My teaching philosophy emphasizes students' involvement in the learning process. To support this goal I create a learning environment that is relevant, rewarding, and reciprocal
More information about my teaching philosophy can be found in my Teaching Statement.

Teaching Interests:

Principles of Marketing; Marketing Management; Consumer Behavior; Marketing Analytics; Marketing Research; Retailing

Teaching Experience:

Instructor, Principles of Marketing, Spring 2014
   Overall Teaching Evaluation: 4.5/5.0 (university average is 4.2)
   Course Instructor Survey comments (verbatim):
  • "Professor Suher is hands down one of the best professors at McCombs. It's actually sad that he is only teaching one class since he is a grad student. His teaching style is very unique and entertaining."
  • "Very well organized and interested in the material. Prepares students to speak marketing in the real world. Great speaker and media content."
  • "You were a great professor, definitely one of my favorites. I enjoyed how you encouraged participation and were fairly easy-going. You were easy to relate to and taught the material in a very interesting manner by giving ample examples."
  • "I really enjoyed this course and learned a lot. It was great to have a professor who loved and engaged in what he taught. Best of luck in the future!"
  • "Knowledgeable, caring, and hardworking professor. A great class in my opinion."
  • "Prof. Suher taught us very well, he facilitated a lot of discussion in class, and it helped everyone understand the material better."

Teaching Assistant for the following courses:
  • Principles of Marketing (undergraduate)
  • Marketing Analytics (MBA)
  • Marketing Management (MBA)